Meet the County Girl…

I’m the younger sister Chanel and the “Country Girl”.  I live in beautiful Southern Oregon with my hot husband and four kids ages 2 to 16.  We have goats, chickens, bees, three dogs and a cat. I love my family! I also love… ok, maybe I’m obsessed with photography, scuba diving and traveling. I enjoy finding the beauty and humor in the splendid chaos that is my life.


2 thoughts on “Meet the County Girl…

  1. Maueen Pinegar

    I absolutely loved the blog about Southeast Asia. I have been there several times and it never fails to fascinate me. I spent five days in Angkor Wat and it was incredible. Did you get a chance to see Bantay Sre? (the temple of the woman). I have a bust of Javayaram on my dining room buffet. If you get a chance to return, I highly recommend Vietnam. It is a beautiful and wonderfully undiscovered paradise. Myanmar is another to add to your list. I am so glad you enjoyed your trip. It was so nice to see very recent photos of places I have traveled to and love so much. May you have many more wonderful travels in the future.


    • Hi Maureen,
      Thanks for your comments. We did not go to Banteay Srei, but I bought a book at our hotel that has many pictures of it. It looks like it might be the most beautiful of the sites. Interesting that you should mention Vietnam. We have some friends headed there in about a week. I’ll check out Myanmar too. Thanks for the tips. Glad you enjoyed the photos.


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