Overcoming challenges


Although I always love a warm water tropical vacation, my husband and I just returned from one to Kauai that has changed me. This year I have really been trying to challenge myself and push myself to do hard things. Stuff that I normally would avoid or flat out reject. In May I decided to learn how to play piano. I don’t really know why, I just thought it was a good skill to have. I have no musical skills whatsoever so this has been a real challenge, like yoga for my brain. Nothing has made me feel so stupid as learning piano, but I will not give up. I am determined I will learn how to play and sight read. One of my greatest fears is heights. I feel like it’s illogical. I should be able to stand a reasonable distance from a ledge and enjoy the view, but I can’t. One night we stayed in a beautiful hotel with floor to ceiling windows and all night long I had nightmares I was falling out the window. I wish there was a way to “fix” this defect in my brain but I can’t help it It. Prior to leaving for Kauai my hunky husband mentioned he wanted to do a helicopter tour of the island. I said “oh that sounds fun for YOU”. He asked me if I thought there was any way I would do it with him. I knew there was not a chance, but I told him I would try. I ended up doing more than trying. After thinking about it I decided I was going to do it no matter what!  I may be crying, vomiting, peeing my pants but I was going on that stupid helicopter! I figured this would either fix my fear or send me to a mental hospital but I was willing to take the risk. The night before I could not sleep. The day of our scheduled flight I was in survival mode. I was physically sick and my brain sounded like a twisted Jack Handy deep thoughts pep talk… you can do this… you will not fall from the sky and explode into a million pieces… you can do this… even though the helicopter has no doors… you can do this… it just kept going. So much so Eric would talk to me and I couldn’t even answer him. We arrived at Jack Harter Helicopters and I knew I was going to die.  I took a quarter of a Zanex pill (what it normally take to get me on an airplane). We drove to the airport in their van and got our life jackets on in case we crashed in the water.  I took another quarter of a pill. The helicopter landed and was being refueled as we waited, I took another quarter. It was time to get in the Helicopter. The pilot looked like a 19 year old surfer with long wavy blonde hair and tan skin. He helped me get my headset on and introduced himself to me as Miles. Miles just kept talking to me asking me questions I needed to answer. I realize this was calculated and brilliant on his part because it distracted me. Before I knew it we were up in the sky flying. I closed my eyes and said a sincere prayer of gratitude. I’m not going to lie and say it was easy, it wasn’t. Every muscle in my body was tight and I had to remind myself to breath. But I actually really enjoyed it. It was so amazingly beautiful that I could not stop taking pictures. IMG_1670 Before I knew it an hour had passed and we were landing. I don’t know if I fixed the defective chip in my brain but I know I made huge progress. When we got off the helicopter I wanted to run up to everyone and scream “BooYah! I just flew in a helicopter”. I didn’t. Well… I didn’t say booyah. IMG_1665 I would HIGHLY recommend Jack Harter Helicopters. If you are afraid of heights ask for Miles Kennion. -Chanel

5 thoughts on “Overcoming challenges

  1. Anonymous

    Chanel…I took the same helicopter tour of Kauai a few years ago and it was truly amazing! Best way to see the island and I too took a bundle of pictures. Proud of you Girl. ON ANOTHER NOTE…PLEASE
    Tell Eric ‘ I now “FOLD” or “loop over”‘ LOL

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