Half Moon Bay…Pumpkins!

October is a beautiful time to be in the San Francisco Bay area.  If you live in the Bay Area like I do, going to Half Moon Bay every October to buy pumpkins might be one of your favorite traditions.  Half Moon Bay is famous for their pumpkins and is the location where the largest pumpkins are weighed and one is pronounced the biggest grown this year!


Our family has been going to Half Moon Bay every October for as long as we can remember.  There are a lot of pumpkin farms to go to, each one a bit different from the others.  Many are almost carnival like with pony rides, trains and petting zoos.  Some have darling gift stores and flower shops.  (Beautiful flowers are also grown here.)


So…when you go to one or more of these “mega-pumpkin-patches,”  you have to be discerning about which pumpkins are worthy to come home with you and adorn your front porch.  Do you prefer big, small, curly stems?  Do you like different colors and shapes?  White?  Green?  Multi-colored?



Decisions…decisions….decisions….there is everything you could imagine here.



It’s always hard to choose, but somehow we make it home each year with a great collection of very fresh pumpkins that will sit and look pretty until carving time.

 And the winner??  The largest pumpkin grown this year???  That will be announced next week at the Pumpkin Festival.


BEST pumpkins in the WORLD????  We think so!


5 thoughts on “Half Moon Bay…Pumpkins!

  1. Oh I love seeing this! I am obsessed with pumpkins and have grown huge ones in my own garden. I always check online to see what the winning largest pumpkin looks like every year. I have always wanted to come out to California to go to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. Lucky you!


    • Wendy,
      You should come out one year! You would love it. It is a very small costal town, so the traffic in and out can get horrible. The trick is to be there early, 9:00 or 10:00 am. We usually don’t go the weekend of the Pumpkin Festival because of the crowds, but I think if you went early & got parked, it would be really fun to be there.


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