The Oregon Coast with kids

We have enjoyed visiting the many towns along the Oregon coast so much that we decided to take a 4 day trip and visit as many of them as possible. I went through Pinterest and found TONS of stuff to do with kids on the coast, then I chose what I thought my kids would enjoy the most. Our 16 year old daughter, 11year old daughter and 3 year old son had an absolute blast and I couldn’t believe how much we got to see in such a short time.   We started in Southern Oregon and headed North along the Pacific Coast Highway.

I have heard about the Treesort many times located in Cave Junction. It has been featured in several travel and family magazines. Six years ago I looked up the web site and had been put off by how far out you have to book a stay and how expensive it is. Finally I decided It was something my kids would always remember and we would just go for one night.  Im so glad we went because we all loved it, but Im also glad we only stayed ONE night. If you go here you need to visit the Oregon Caves, we have been there before and loved it, but skipped it this time. You will also want to eat at Taylor’s Sausage. If you can get past all the glass counters full of raw meat their cooked food is amazing!


There are several tree houses you can choose from. Some have full bathrooms, others do not. Some are only 12 feet off the ground and others are 47 feet off the ground with rope bridges to get to the entrance. They are all furnished comfortably and have fun quirky architecture and windows. You can check out the Treesort website here.


The next day we drove to Bandon, probably my favorite city on the coast. They have great beaches, quaint shopping and lots to do with kids.

While shopping we discovered a store/museum called Washed Ashore. This was so fascinating my kids did not want to leave. The entire gallery is filled with items made from plastic pulled from the sea! Click here for a link to their web site.

IMG_8221 IMG_8220

Another must stop in Bandon is  Face Rock Creamery. Great food, great ice cream and tons of cheese and cheese curd samples. My kids LOVE This place.

Most of our time we spent at the beach. We stayed at the Best Western Inn at Face Rock. This was a perfect hotel for kids. heated pool, breakfast and an easy walk to the beach. Our favorite thing to do here was explore the tide pools around the base of some of the large rocks.

IMG_8270 IMG_8342

The next morning we headed up to the Sea Lion Caves in Florence.  My three year old boy did not want to leave.  I though it was super cool and loved all the sea lion sounds. There is a long walk down to the elevator, but we got to see a whale breach which was awesome!!!



We spent the night at Inn at Arch Rock in Depoe Bay. I was a little worried to stay here because the hotel is on the edge of a cliff and i have a little boy who likes to run, but we actually loved this hotel. Our room was so nice and our balcony had such a great view we did not want to leave. The room even had a great pair of binoculars for my whale loving daughter to clock in some whale watching.


We drove to Lincoln city to do the “Finders Keepers” glass ball hunt. You can read about it here. We were not lucky enough to find a float, but we had fun trying.


Our next stop was the Oregon Coast Aquarium. My friends all raved about how amazing this aquarium was, my family all loved it but when all was said and done it was very expensive and much smaller then we expected. Having said that I would still go back.

IMG_8431 IMG_8488

After the aquarium we drove up to Tillamook to visit the Cheese factory, take a tour and have dinner. The tour is self guided and not that long, but the grilled cheese sandwiches alone were worth the visit!  We also stopped and visited with the Tillamook cows a couple of blocks away. We could drive right up to them since they were eating and roll down our windows. We love black and white moo moos!


After Dinner we drove to Portland and spent the night. In the morning we went to OMSI Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. It was the weekend so the place was packed but still tons of fun. I was really impressed with their exhibits they had something for all ages so all of us were entertained. Our son especially loved the toddler room.

IMG_8595 IMG_8617

Driving back down south we stopped at the Wooden Shoe Festival for their Tulip Festival. I have never seen so many tulips in my life. It was absolutley breathtaking!!!



~The Country Chick

Throwback to Thanksgiving

It seems like a long time ago now with all the rush of the holiday season, but Thanksgiving was a fun time for us and one that I want to record.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year.  We had a lot people… Nearon, Palmers, and of course Grandma Bonnie!


Our adult and big kid table

So we had 3 different tables to accommodate everyone.

The medium sized kid's table.

The medium sized kid’s table.

I think everyone was slightly jealous of the little kid table.  It was so fun.  You could draw right on it or enjoy yummy snacks right at the table while everyone else had to wait for dinner.  I saw more than one adult sneaking goldfish crackers and pretzels.

Our 2 littlest guests were pretty happy.

Our 2 littlest guests were pretty happy.

The food was delicious.  Grandma Bonnie did most of the cooking and insisted that the turkey be cooked upside down.  She made “dead rats in butter,” (see previous entry) and yummy sweet potatoes and green beans.


The desserts were my thing.  Ali and I made cupcakes to look like turkeys.  Jacob and I made sugar cookies to look like slices of pumpkin pie.  I made combination pumpkin cake/cheesecake and also a pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust and salted carmel topping.  There was something for everyone at the dessert table.


So much to be thankful for…a very blessed life with lots of family together and they all got along!!!


Halloween in the Country

The city girl and her family went to Oregon to have Halloween with the country chick and her family and grandma.  We all had a good time despite the colder weather and some rain!

Before trick or treating, we had a fun family meal of white chili and pumpkin bread.  We had a colorful Halloween table set with fun colors and vampire teeth turned into napkin rings.  We found some purple, orange and black Halloween flowers that were super festive!



After the yummy chili, the kids trick or treated on grandma’s street.  Grandma Bonnie got super into it this year.  She painted her face with glow in the dark face paint and became a scary/friendly witch.  She had dry ice in her huge pot/cauldron and would reach in to bring out candy.  It was a big hit!


I hope you had a great Halloween too!


Half Moon Bay…Pumpkins!

October is a beautiful time to be in the San Francisco Bay area.  If you live in the Bay Area like I do, going to Half Moon Bay every October to buy pumpkins might be one of your favorite traditions.  Half Moon Bay is famous for their pumpkins and is the location where the largest pumpkins are weighed and one is pronounced the biggest grown this year!


Our family has been going to Half Moon Bay every October for as long as we can remember.  There are a lot of pumpkin farms to go to, each one a bit different from the others.  Many are almost carnival like with pony rides, trains and petting zoos.  Some have darling gift stores and flower shops.  (Beautiful flowers are also grown here.)


So…when you go to one or more of these “mega-pumpkin-patches,”  you have to be discerning about which pumpkins are worthy to come home with you and adorn your front porch.  Do you prefer big, small, curly stems?  Do you like different colors and shapes?  White?  Green?  Multi-colored?



Decisions…decisions….decisions….there is everything you could imagine here.



It’s always hard to choose, but somehow we make it home each year with a great collection of very fresh pumpkins that will sit and look pretty until carving time.

 And the winner??  The largest pumpkin grown this year???  That will be announced next week at the Pumpkin Festival.


BEST pumpkins in the WORLD????  We think so!